GIuseppe Desiato

Composing and Imaging

Grande Ferro (2015)
for ten players

Grande Ferro is a hommage to the work of Alberto Burri. This piece celebrates the power of his iron works. Matter that creates matter that creates Art. This phrase can resume my idea of what the work of Alberto Burri is about. An artist that found his strength in a kind of abstract art that preserve a strong physical impact. Burri has always used materials that he has found around him, conscious that his art could have been conveyed using anything.
His main and revolutionary thought was to give to his paintings/sculptures a physical existence and resistance. To do that, the only way for him was to abandon all the usual artistic tools
and to adopt unraleted and uncommon tools. But, these distant-from-normality means should always have to bring to something not extraneous to painting or sculpture. His relation with the matter was what lead the creative process: modellations, combustions, corriosions, modifications through time. All of this brought me to compose Grande Ferro.
(translation: Big Iron)


Città Fossile a Macchia d'Olio (2016)
for three double basses and three male voices

This work is completely inspired and fed by the dystopian novel Il Parafossile (Feltrinelli 1967) written by Giorgio Celli. Adopting this ensemble I looked for a very organic, dense and magmatic sound. My aim was to recreate the distress and the anxiety, accompanied by moment of abyssal exaltation, that govern the psychology of the main character.
The entire work was led by the continuos confrontation between the vocal and the instrumental timbres. The study of the spectral behaviour in time of this two different generators of sounds allowed me to find the maximun points of consistency and inconsistency between them, helping me drawing the path of the piece.

(translation: Fossil city like wild fire)

Nuvole Gravide di Bronzo (2016)
for double bass and fixed media

A low big mass of cloud is the image the shaped the concept of this piece. This natural phenomenon has always impressed me, not only because it can immediately change the micro-climate of an area, but mostly because it seems to stop the time, to create a kind of suspension of life...
My aim was to recreate this apparent distortion of time, giving back the tension of the moment in which everything is going to happen.
Nuvole Gravide di Bronzo was written for Dario Calderone, for his incredible ductility and artistic depth.

(translation: Clouds pregnant of bronze)

Krzysztof Verso la Città Sonora
for Bb Clarinet, Violin and Eb Saxophone

The over-production of informations can make us blind and deaf towards the Society.
This piece is a musical translation of a young man enterin our modern society. It is like He commences his pathway in a desert place where only fragile sounds are audible and ends his life at a point where again only fragile sounds are audible. But if at the beginning there was really no sound around him, at the end he is sorrunded by chaos, but he cannot distinguish sounds any more. 

The piece is built in order to create a continuous super-imposition of growing gestures and dynamics.
(translation: Krzysztof towards the sonic city)

Arboresco Ab Intra (2014)

The piece is based on the creation of an artificial environment that constantly develops and changes. I tried to propose an ideal interpretation of the innermodifications of the human being, making a parallel with an arboreal world.
Being composed partially with the micro-montage technique and partially using the granular synthesis, Arboresco Ab Intra aims to transmit the idea of a vibrant scenario, where very little gestures are grouped together in order to achieve iridescent moments and never-stopping backgrounds.
My goal was to shape these forms and gestures in order to create a malleable material that could trnsform itself in several ways, arriving to make it emulating sounds belonging to other spheres, in this very case to Nature.
(translation: I grow like a tree from the inside)

Sedimento Clastico
for horn trio

This horn trio is based on a three-dimensional micro-cell pattern that evolves through out the piece enlarging and regrouping. All the material used is viscerally linked with this structuring pattern. This formal process allows the piece to modify subtly assuming time by time a more liquid or concrete aspect.
(translation: clastic sediment)




"Praktische Grundsätze sind Sätze, welche eine allgemeine Bestimmung des Willens enthalten, die mehrere praktische Regeln unter sich hat. Sie sind subjektiv oder Maximen, wenn die Bedingung nur als für den Willen des Subjekts gültig von ihm angesehen wird; objektiv aber oder praktische Gesetze, wenn jene als objektiv, d. i. für den Willen jedes vernünftigen Wesens gültig erkannt wird". - Immanuel Kant. "Kritik der praktischen Vernunft", Erklärung.

"I principi pratici sono proposizioni che contengono una determinazione universale della volontà, la quale ha sotto di sé parecchie regole pratiche. Essi sono soggettivi, ossia massime, se la condizione vien considerata dal soggetto come valida soltanto per la sua volontà; ma oggettivi, ossia leggi pratiche, se la condizione vien riconosciuta come oggettiva, cioè valida per la volontà di ogni essere razionale."  - Immanuel Kant, "Critica della Rgion Pratica", Definizione.